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Think You Know Agents & Insurance Companies? Think Again.

Did you purchase an IRC 419 Employee Welfare Benefit Plan, a 412(i) plan, Section 79 or other captive insurance plan after being told the contributions were fully deductible from federal and state income taxes, and found out later that this was not the case? Did you purchase a trust unnecessarily funded with substantial amounts of life insurance because you were told you could build up cash value tax-free and then have use of the funds tax-free? If you have been misled about information regarding your employee welfare benefits, you may have been the victim of 419 and 412 plan fraud.When consumers are misled and given false information by insurance brokers, they have the right to sue the fraudulent agents and insurance company that sold the plan.

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Lance Wallach Expert Witness Testimony

Lance Wallach, CLU, ChFC,CIMC

As Managing Director, Lance Wallach is a member of the AICPA faculty of teaching professionals.

He is an Author, Instructor and National Speaker, He was named the National Society of Accountants Speaker of the Year.Lance has written for over 50 national financial publications and was one of the first people in the field to warn about 419 plans.

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"Mr. Wallach, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me today about VEBA's. Any information you can send me would be helpful.  Hopefully, we can work together inthe future as interest in  VEBAs increase."

-Corman G. Franklin
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy U.S. Department of Labor

"Thank you for providing me with this information.  I will review it next week and, I’m sure, be in touch.  I very much appreciate your help.

-Amanda J. Andrews
Associate Counsel, Legal Division
Arkansas Insurance Department

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Protecting Your Clients From Fraud, Incompetence and Scams

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412i, 419, Captive Insurance and Section 79 Plans; Buyer Beware

Do you spend more time planning a vacation for your family than you do for your retirement?


Every single one of our consulting CPAs, Lawyers and former IRS Agents has over 25 years of professional experience! 
No firm has a staff with more audit experience than we do.

Our services include:
- IRS audit assistance and support
- 419 and 412i plan defense
- Plan reviews, evaluations and remediation
- Expert witness testimony
- Research and analysis of tax laws
- Providing guidance for attorneys
- CPAs and insurance professionals nationwide
- Expertise on stock market
- Mutual fund and insurance losses

In-person office visits are not required