Don't Become A "Material Advisor" 
​Lance Wallach Jan 10, 2012 

Accountants, Business owners, and others face large IRS fines.
Lance Wallach Jun 17

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​​How to Beat the IRS
Lance Wallach Jan 17, 2011 

IRS Attacks Business Owners in 419, 412, Section 79 and Captive Insurance Plans Under Section 6707A - Lance Wallach

over 30 years of dealing with the irs

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Lance Wallach, Managing Director, is the  nation's leading expert on employee benefit plans,  tax problem resolution and IRS audit defense. 

Lance Wallach was a leading registered representative, insurance and annuity adviser for Mutual Benefit Life and later for New England Life. He advised thousands of high income clients on annuities, life insurance, and health insurance.

Lance also counseled famous Wall Street luminaries such as Hugh Downs and Louis Rukeyser (host of long-running television programs Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser and Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street).

Government officials have also sought Lance’s advice, including; Corman G. Franklin of the Office of Assistant Secretary for Policy US Department of Labor and Jon S. Havicon, an Internal Revenue Service Agent.

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IRS Audits 419, 412i, Captive Insurance Plans With Life Insurance, and Section 79 
Lance Wallach Jun 24, 2011 
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